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Joy in Serving the King

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“There’s joy in serving the King. Haven’t you heard that?” Kristin’s eyes met mine in the high school bathroom mirror. I was a new believer. I hadn’t heard that before. Her mother, however, taught my high school girl’s Bible study. Kristin would know. She spoke those words 44 years ago, and they have stayed with me […]

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What is a Christian Devotional Book?

Applying My Utmost for His Highest, Art of Listening Prayer, Oswald Chambers, Seth Barnes, post-high school Sunday School, church young adults study

What is a Christian devotional book and why do people read them? Obviously, the original Christian devotional book is the Bible–particularly the Psalms which are full of praise to God. But early on in Christianity, believers sought to know and understand God through meditation and by learning from others. To that end, teachers, monks, nuns, […]

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