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Under Sea with the USS Independence

USS Independence

My husband recently took part in an expedition to examine the USS Independence. He had a stimulating visit on board the E/V Nautilus with Dr. Robert Ballard, a crew of extraordinary scientists, and a few other visitors. My Navy guy traveled as a guest, but as it happens, he’s a retired submariner. He’s familiar with the US […]

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At Sea on the E/V Nautilus


My Navy guy took to sea recently with Dr. Robert Ballard on board the E/V Nautilus. It’s the first time he’d been to sea in a very long time and he had a splendid time. (Indeed, he pretty much talked nonstop about it for the first 24 hours after I picked him up!) He’d met […]

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Scuttling Subs to Play


With summer upon us, I’m remembering the year my husband scuttled his submarine career to play with his children. He’d been out to sea for long periods of time as chief engineer of the oldest nuclear submarine in the Atlantic Ocean. Our boys were young, but he was conscious of the passage of time. A […]

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The U-Boat Dilemma


Here’s the deal: I both hate German U-boats and I admire them. It’s a real problem when I’m watching a submarine movie like Das Boot.  I keep switching sides. It made reading Dead Wake by Erik Larson troubling. Sinking the RMS Lusitania was a terrible war crime. But Captain Walther Schweiger, the commanding officer of that U-20 U-boat, was so […]

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Reading Love Letters

Love letters

Do you like to read love letters? Well, certainly if they’re addressed to you. But what if, as an historian, you’re reading someone else’s love letters, say a husband to his wife during a war? I’ve written about this issue before and, frankly, it feels intrusive. The question still remains in my mind: “Is it research […]

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