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Take a Family Tree to Thanksgiving?

Family tree

Rather than a side dish, I’ve taken a family tree to my family’s Thanksgiving celebration–several times. May I suggest you do the same? Even if you are also bringing a pumpkin pie? Thanksgiving and all the holidays traditionally involve bringing family members together. What better time to collect and share data on something we all have […]

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Family and Genealogy


When it comes to genealogy, I’m the person my family calls. I spent several years working on family histories for both sides of my family. I did my work in the days before Ancestry.com, which means I spent a lot of time in libraries, looking at microfilm, interviewing elderly family members and writing. I wrote […]

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Traveler’s Tales: Amusing Signs in Europe

Amusing Signs

Here are photos of amusing signs spied on our recent trip to the United Kingdom and France. Enjoy! We assumed this meant danger! A walk around London brought us past this row of townhouses with a humorous sign. “Busking” is a British term for “street performing,” and this spot facing the Thames River obviously wasn’t […]

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Traveler’s Tales: A London Walk

London walk

Photos from a 2013 London walk. Some of these shot I thought funny, others quirky. You tell me what you think! The last time we visited London, I took a photo of my daughter in a red phone booth talking on her cell phone. Things have changed in four years. I laughed aloud when I saw this booth: […]

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No Thanksgiving Invite? Does Anyone Know?

Thanksgiving turkey

For many people, Thanksgiving can be fraught with uncomfortable memories. The holiday may be filled with loneliness more than familial happiness. Pressure can mount for a great meal or conviviality. It could underscore what’s missing in your life. Thanksgiving can be downright depressing. One Thanksgiving long ago was headed toward the miserable. My husband was out to […]

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