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Research Library–a Dangerous Spot?

A research library can be more dangerous than you think. I, for one, have felt my life potentially in danger while visiting three. Let this be a warning to you. Researchers may look nerdy and pale, but behind our flashing glasses we could be superheroes. Here are three tales. A Midwest Research Library. I spent […]

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Grasshoppers and Tornadoes

While writing my recently released novella, The Sunbonnet Bride, I needed a devastating natural event to occur and so I researched grasshopper plagues, tornadoes and other acts of God. The Sunbonnet Bride is a sequel to my The Yuletide Bride, set in southeastern Nebraska in 1874. The following summer was a grasshopper plague summer and […]

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Inside or Outside the Will of God?

Will of God, what does life look like if you're outside God's will? Reasons for calamity, King David, Nathan the prophet, Reverend Ronald Gauss

What does your life look like if you’re outside of the will of God? I’ve pondered this question over the years–usually when some crisis or another has hit and I’m not sure I’ve been in the right place or done the right thing. Could the calamity befalling me be the result of my missing what […]

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