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Following Biddy’s Steps

Biddy's steps

Following Biddy’s steps took us to several spots in 2013 London. I was hunting details for a novel about Oswald and Biddy Chambers. We began the morning in Clapham Common, looking for the beautiful building where the Chambers couple lived. The Bible Training College I had the address of the Bible Training College Oswald and Biddy ran, so visiting […]

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WWI: The National Gallery of Art

National Gallery

I spent a good part of yesterday at London’s National Gallery of Art. In my mind, and in cyberspace, looking at photos and paintings, hunting information and trying to peel back what happened there in World War I. A rewrite of one of my chapters prompted a visit and while I, personally, have been to […]

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Traveler’s Tales: A London Walk

London walk

Photos from a 2013 London walk. Some of these shot I thought funny, others quirky. You tell me what you think! The last time we visited London, I took a photo of my daughter in a red phone booth talking on her cell phone. Things have changed in four years. I laughed aloud when I saw this booth: […]

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