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An Italian Immigrant Story


My mother was an Italian immigrant. That’s her in the passport photo. Mom’s the baby. My grandmother, Fortunata, is the heroine. Or the crazy woman, depending on your perspective. If Fortunata looks a little stressed, keep in mind her baby was only two months old. Her other children were nine and eighteen months. They was leaving […]

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Travel Guides and Writing Historical Fiction

Travel Guides

I’ve been consulting the travel guides recently as I write a novel set in World War I Egypt. I’ve personally visited the other locations in my novel, but I won’t be able to travel to Cairo anytime soon, perhaps never. That doesn’t, however, get me off the hook for writing intelligently about a land far […]

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Serendipity and Research

TNKY trip 198

I’m just back from a two-week swing through Tennessee and Kentucky where I spent six days in libraries and the rest of the time hunting up sites and experiences related to my historical characters. I’m a lover of travel stories and two weeks ago I found myself in the middle of one of those serendipitous meetings […]

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