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The Relief of a Public Shout


Have you ever needed to shout in public? You know, stand up and ask for attention from a group of total strangers? People stop and stare, then shrug and go on their way. But some listen and act. Whenever I’ve shouted, relief has been the result. The first time happened many years ago when this Navy wife […]

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Traveler’s Tales: The Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

In May 2008, my businessman brother had an extra seat on a trip to China. He invited me to join him and on an incredibly clear day, we visited the Great Wall of China. We’d flown up that morning from Shanghai, and he had an expatriate friend celebrating his children’s birthday at a rustic restaurant […]

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The Southwest Death March


Okay, I know it’s hyperbole (with apologies to Bataan survivors), but my friend Linda and I came to see our trip through the southwest desert as just that eleven years ago: a near death march with a happy ending. It started out innocently enough. I sat at my computer supposedly writing a novel when Linda […]

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Traveler’s Tales: Amusing Signs in Europe

Amusing Signs

Here are photos of amusing signs spied on our recent trip to the United Kingdom and France. Enjoy! We assumed this meant danger! A walk around London brought us past this row of townhouses with a humorous sign. “Busking” is a British term for “street performing,” and this spot facing the Thames River obviously wasn’t […]

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Traveler’s Tales: Cruising with the Nuns (Reprise)

Avid travelers, my parents loved cruise ships. Unfortunately, when my mother died, my father had a series of health issues and couldn’t travel alone. One spring break my husband and I invited him to take a simple cruise to Mexico with us and our two youngest children. We hoped to encourage him that his life […]

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