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A Biddy Interview with Her Biographer

Interview, Mrs. Oswald Chambers, biographer, Oswald Chambers, Michelle Ule, David McCasland, Oxford, My Utmost for His Highest, writing a biography

Biddy Chambers turned the tables to interview her biographer–me. This is all imaginary–she died before I turned ten–but it’s fun for me as I prepare to launch Mrs. Oswald Chambers. (You can read my questions to Biddy here, here and here.) The genesis behind this imaginary interview blog series is, when I enter heaven, Biddy […]

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A Dream of Loved Ones–For Comfort


I knew it was a dream as I stood on the balcony overlooking the sweeping view of the Los Angeles harbor. My parents loved that view. I turned and recognized the french doors leading into their condominium. The door stuck slight on the thick carpeting, as always, when I pushed it open. I cocked my […]

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May I Borrow Your Accent?


Are you guilty of accent borrowing? I am. I was mortified the day I attended a training session and sat beside a woman from Australia. We chatted happily until the session began and the instructor  asked the dozen of us for an introduction. My neighbor said her name, and added that while she was from Sydney, […]

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The UCLA Band and Me

ucla band

I’m attending the UCLA– Cal football game tomorrow and I’m excited about the prospects–because I get to see the band again, live. I haven’t attended a football game in probably 15 years–back in the day when we were trying to help our oldest son figure out what college he wanted to attend. We all went […]

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