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Mud and Trenches: WWI


Mud and trenches often are the first things that come to mind when picturing World War I. We remember the bloody horrors of gas and the unbelievable casualties, but the photos always remind us of trenches full of mud. It started in Belgium in the first days of August 1914. Germany surprised the world when […]

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Finding Winnie: the Pooh Bear’s True History

Finding Winnie

This year’s Caldecott award went to a picture book that tells the true story behind a novel: Finding Winnie. A charming story about the author’s great-grandfather. Finding Winnie describes how he adopted a bear while traveling by troop train from Winnepeg, Canada, to  a port from which they sailed to England in the early days of […]

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What is Bandage Rolling?

bandage rolling

If you’ve read as many WWI books and war-based fiction as I have, you may be wondering “what IS bandage rolling?” Why were women always rolling bandages and what did it have to do with war? As a child in 20th century America, the only bandages I was familiar with were bandaids. How do your […]

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Old Photos and the Restoration Process

old photos

Some of us are good at restoring old photos using Photoshop, and some of us only can admire their work. I’m in the admiring category. That’s been particularly true when I wrote a novel set during World War I and first caught glimpses of colorizations of very old photos from the war. Like many, I was […]

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Four Ways I use Goodreads


Are you on Goodreads? How do you use it? Does it feel like just one. more. social media thing to keep track of in your free time? Or is it a helpful tool? I’m of mixed mind, but I do use it in four ways: 1. As a research tool While I was working on […]

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