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Whatever Happened to Kathleen Chambers?

Kathleen Chambers, Oswald Chambers, Mrs. Oswald Chambers, Zeitoun, Oswald Chambers' daughter, Was Oswald Chambers' daughter a Christian?

Kathleen Chambers, Oswald and Biddy’s only child, is the subject of many searches on Google. Of course I know what happened to her. It’s all in my book, Mrs. Oswald Chambers, which will be published in October 2017. The little girl who spent crucial years in a WWI camp served as a major source I […]

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Under Sea with the USS Independence

USS Independence

My husband recently took part in an expedition to examine the USS Independence. He had a stimulating visit on board the E/V Nautilus with Dr. Robert Ballard, a crew of extraordinary scientists, and a few other visitors. My Navy guy traveled as a guest, but as it happens, he’s a retired submariner. He’s familiar with the US […]

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A Town Like Alice: the finest WWII Romance

Town Like Alice

We’ll always be thankful for our introduction to A Town Like Alice. Long ago, we watched PBS’ Masterpiece Theater religiously. It didn’t matter what they produced on Sunday nights, we watched it. We only had a couple television stations in those days before cable, and we had little money during my husband’s early years in […]

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British Book Publishing and Wartime


What happened to British book publishing during wartime in the 1940s? I’d never given it much thought until I realized the iconic photo of the Blitz and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London really isn’t about St. Paul’s not burning down. It’s about one million books going up in flames, or as The Bookseller wrote on […]

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Saying Farewell to a Veteran


On this Veterans Day in 2014, I’m remembering a veteran whose memorial service I attended last week. Ninety year-old Chet Bienkowski led a long and successful life, starting when America went to war in December 1941. He enlisted in the Navy  a month later and served out of Hawai’i on diesel submarines. Some of you […]

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