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Letting Go: A Book is Like a Child

letting go

The process of letting go of a manuscript is a lot like sending a child into the world. I’ve done it a number of times (manuscripts AND children) and it doesn’t get any easier. I sent a manuscript to my editor this week; a book I’ve been researching and writing for nearly two years. It’s close […]

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Writing, Gardening and Seed Ideas


Many years ago, a school friend wrote with a challenging question: “How’s your writing going?” She penned (literally) her letter from San Francisco where she worked for Mother Jones Magazine. I read her letter while sitting on a rock wall above my garden in Connecticut while my toddlers rolled around the driveway on their big […]

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6 Things I Learned from 6 Blogging Years

blog post #500

December 2015 marked *six years of blogging. Here are six things I learned in those years. 1. I like to blog As a once-upon-a-time newspaper reporter, I had anticipated I’d like blogging and that has turned out to be true. I like putting together the ideas, finding the photos, dreaming up a pseudo-clever title and interacting […]

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Exercise and the Writer’s Mind


The woman who teaches my exercise class had her eye on me yesterday. “You need to keep your mind engaged on what you’re doing here, not on what’s happening after you leave class,” she said. I laughed. I’m notorious for missing a step because while my body is dancing zumba, my mind is often elsewhere. […]

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Goodbye to the Book and its Characters

Goodbye to characters; finishing a book, getting characters you've written out of your mind, novel writing surprises, #amwriting

Some of you know the lyrics: “Now’s the time to say goodbye to all our company . . . “ That point is nearly here for the novel I’ve spent the last twenty months writing, and I’m having a hard time. I have to say goodbye very soon. There’s a grief that comes from saying goodbye […]

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