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Why Write a Biography of Biddy Chambers?

Biddy Chambers

As I’ve spent the better part of the last two years researching and writing a biography of Biddy Chambers, I’ve often been asked why? Or, who was she? People who know of or have read My Utmost for His Highest usually nod when I mention Biddy was Mrs. Oswald Chambers. Often their eyebrows rise when I […]

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2017 with Oswald and Biddy Chambers


As many of you know, I’ve spent 18 months writing a biography of Biddy, Mrs. Oswald Chambers. I loved the entire experience of researching and writing about the life of an amazing woman who lived in extraordinary times. Mrs. Oswald Chambers releases in October, 2017–the month before the 100th anniversary of Oswald Chambers’ death. I’ve also […]

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How a Map Can Make a Difference


I’ve just found a map that makes everything clear. I’ve only been trying to figure out the location of the YMCA camp at Zeitoun, Egypt to to the nearby ANZAC army camp for three years. Today, while I was hunting “Suez Canal Authority Headquarters Ismailia WWI,” on Google, it turned up. The map has nothing to […]

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Henry Huggins as Historical Fiction?

It’s a sobering moment when you realize Henry Huggins, in some camps, is considered historical fiction. How can a book I read and loved as a child be considered . . . . historical? Beverly Cleary‘s book was first published in 1950. 65 years ago. In publishing circles, historical fiction is defined as “prior to […]

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Happily Ever Afters: The Gold Rush Christmas

happily ever after

Did the folks in The Gold Rush Christmas live happily ever after? In the Pioneer Christmas Collection story, twins Samantha and Peter Harris journey to Skagway, Alaska at the height of The Yukon Gold Rush in search of their missing missionary father. Joined on the trip by the boy next door, Miles Parker who is […]

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