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Who Is This Mystery Woman? Ancestry Part 2

Mystery woman

Who is this mystery woman with all those children? Researchers at Wheaton College didn’t know when they included her photograph into Oswald Chambers’ Special Collection Library. I didn’t know at first either, until I took a closer look. See that startled little girl on the left? That’s Kathleen Chambers, Oswald and Biddy Chambers’ daughter. How […]

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Oswald Chambers, Job and Baffled to Fight Better

Baffled to Fight

Baffled to Fight Better, comments on the Book of Job, is one of the few books Oswald Chambers worked on in his lifetime. Even at that, Baffled to Fight Better did not appear in book form until after his death. The book was based on talks Oswald gave at Zeitoun YMCA camp in Egypt during the early […]

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How a Map Can Make a Difference


I’ve just found a map that makes everything clear. I’ve only been trying to figure out the location of the YMCA camp at Zeitoun, Egypt to to the nearby ANZAC army camp for three years. Today, while I was hunting “Suez Canal Authority Headquarters Ismailia WWI,” on Google, it turned up. The map has nothing to […]

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Kathleen Chambers: Little Girl in a WWI Camp

Kathleen children

Kathleen Chambers was the only little girl in a World War I camp in Egypt. Her father, Oswald Chambers served a chaplain at the Zeitoun YMCA camp in Cairo. He brought along with him his wife Biddy and their toddler daughter, Kathleen. As best I can tell, a child in a World War I YMCA camp was an unusual presence. […]

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Oswald Chambers and Thoughts on War

Oswald Chambers thoughts on war, war, Devil, sin, David McCasland, Jesus, Disciples, fear, panic, WWI, My Utmost for his Highest

I wrote a novel set during The Great War which affected my thoughts on war. How should we see war? How should we react? What is war? Oswald Chambers, a noted Bible teacher in the years leading up to World War I, had interesting insights which bear examination. He believed elements of war are inevitable, as recorded […]

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