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Clapping My Hands in Joy Instead of Pain

While clapping my hands this morning in my dance class, I marveled at the lack of pain. Seven years ago, on 1/11/11, when I joined the health club, my hands were a mess. But other health issues drove me, a woman who had walked three miles a day for twenty-five years, to the gym. I […]

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Exercise and the Writer’s Body


You already know the value of regular exercise, but I’m going to explain how exercise has been so good for this particular writer’s body. In late 2009, my hands stopped working effortlessly. Simple things I’d done my whole life hurt, badly. I couldn’t turn doorknobs without pain. Scissors were a nightmare. I could no longer […]

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Where’s YOUR Place?

I walked forward to chat with one of my fellow Zumba dancers last week and when our instructor started the music, I hurried back to my “regular” spot. Except, there was a cute young thing already in it, bright and smiling in snazzy spandex. I cleared my throat and looked around for backup. My friend Diane laughed […]

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Zumba and Scotland; Music and Memory

Do you ever find your mind wandering from something your body is doing and wake up to discover you’re thinking of something completely out of context? Say, when you’re dancing in your zumba class? How does the brain make make connections and why do they sometimes seem completely off? I ruminate on this oddity often […]

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