Traveler’s Tales

Traveler’s Tales are stories about adventures I’ve had while traveling. I got my first passport at 13 and have been touring the world ever since. I come from a family of itchy feet–everyone goes everywhere!

I’ve compiled a number of posts about places I’ve visited–telling of things I’ve seen or done–and collected them here by region. Enjoy!

Does God Want Me to Take This Trip?
Finding The Perfect Souvenir–Or Maybe Not
Finding a Good Book for a Trip
Where With World Am I?
Appreciating Art: It’s all in the Hands
Overcoming a Fear of Flying
The Thrill of a Polyglot
Since I’ll Be in the Neighborhood, Shouldn’t I Stop By?
May the Force Be With You
Speaking My English: It’s All in the Hands
A Passport and Hope for a Future Life


Lion Hunting in Europe
Jet Lag and Europe Observations
Amusing Signs in Europe


Westminster Abbey
The London War Zone
London Theatre
A London Walk
The Library: Bodleian in Fact
A Surprise in Oxford
Visiting Oxford’s Christ Church Cathedral
London’s Imperial War Museum

Transylvania and the Nightmare of Reading Dracula
Married to the Most Powerful Man in the World. Really?

Seeing the Familiar in the Foreign
Hitting the Louvre Early
Normandy: Making History Come Alive for the Kids
Snelling, France, Books and the Silverdale Connection


World War I in 2015 Salzburg
Monuments Men, Salt Mines, Books, and Me
The Sound of Music Tour Part I
The Sound of Music Tour Part II


Wearing the Cross
Budapest’s House of Terror
Budapest 3

Communist Czechoslavakia

Rome: St. Peter in the Basement and the Apostles on the Roof
The European Family Connection

Italian Passion in Rome and Florence


Immigrants: A Linden Tree/stump/hole for Hope
Traveling in Slovenia? The Apps Save the Day

The 1984 Olympic Games California
Ghosts on the Streets California
Was I a Slave? Tennessee
Cruising with the Nuns California
A Walk in Avtar’s Brooklyn New York
Art for Art’s Sake or Someone else? New York
A Magical Whale Watching Trip Cape Cod
The Southwest Death March Southwestern United States
Fort Delaware  Delaware
I-5 California
Turkey on the Beach Molokai’i, Hawai’i
Maps and Fiction California
House Touring Tennessee
Research Serendipity: McMinnville, Tennessee Tennessee
Civil War Days California
The Nudist Colony Field Trip California
Pearl Harbor and Me Oah’u, Hawai’i
The Totem Christmas Alaska
Sailing to Alaska Alaska

Louisiana Eating Louisiana

Mosquitoes and Spiders and Snakes, Oh, My!
We Came, We Shared, We Opened Their Eyes
Eyes In Need; Cataracts Indeed
Me? A Membsahib?
El Nuevo Testamento
Giving Birth Along the River
Living in a Treehouse
What Does Prayerful Grace Look Like?
Living Without Bugs or Not?
The Peace Corps Volunteers
The Joy of Unusual Transportation
Electronic Communication; Is that Claro?
Two Birthdays in the Tropics
Lluvia Keeps Falling on My Head–Not
Enter the Animals
La Comida Esta Muy Bien
A Little History, the Lost Canal and Glorious Sunsets
A Pleasure to Serve

A Glimpse of Heaven on the Cali Bus

Exchanging the Normal for the Foreign

Exchanging the Normal for the Foreign

Traveler’s Tales: The Great Wall of China


A Christmas in Kiwi Land

Thoughts? Reactions? Lurker?

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