Happy Wedding Day, Oswald and Biddy!

Oswald and Biddy Chambers’ celebrated their wedding on May 25, 1910.

A small gathering met at Walford Green Memorial Wesleyan Methodist Church in Eltham, for the nuptials of Miss Gertrude Annie Hobbs and Mr. Oswald Chambers.

An almost ideal day, the weather provided bright and clear skies, a cooling breeze from the north and a high of 62 degrees.

Guest included the families of both Mr and the new Mrs. Chambers.

The bride

Gertrude Annie Hobbs, the 27 year-old daughter of the late Henry Hobbs, gas clerk, and his relic Mrs. Emily Hobbs, was escorted down the aisle by her brother, Herbert Hobbs.

She was attended by her sister, Edith Mary Hobbs of London, and the sister of her new husband, Miss Gertrude Chambers of Dulwich.

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May 25, 1910: Percy Lockhart, Edith Hobbs, Gertrude Chambers, Herbert Hobbs, OC, Biddy and Doris in front.

In addition, her new husband’s niece, Doris Chambers, served as flower girl.

The new Mrs. Chambers carried a large bouquet of sweet-smelling roses.

She wore a white high necked gown with lace yoke.

Miss Hobbs and Miss Chambers wore pleated matching dresses and black hats with feathers.

Mistress Doris Chambers wore a white dress like bride’s and a white hat that tied under her chin.

The couple were married at Walford Green Memorial Wesleyan Methodist Church because the bride’s home church, Eltham Park Baptist Church is not yet licensed to hold weddings.

The Reverend Arthur Chambers of Eltham Park Baptist Church, the new Mrs. Chambers’ pastor and brother to the groom, performed the ceremony.

A graduate of the Pittman Stenography course, Miss Hobbs grew up in Woolwich and is a stenographer in London.

The groom

Mr. Chambers, a 36 year-old lecturer for the League of Prayer, is a native of Scotland.

The son of the Reverend Clarence Chambers and his wife Hannah, Mr. Chambers was attended by his League of Prayer friend Percy Lockhart of Dunstable, and his new brother-in-law Herbert Hobbs of London.

Wearing the white collar suitable for his position as a noted Bible teacher, Mr. Chambers plans to open a Bible Training College in the future.

His wedding groomsmen wore cut-away morning suits as is customary.

He is a graduate of London’s National Art Training School with an Art Master’s Certificate and attended the University of Edinburgh, as well as Dunoon College (Scotland).

wedding, Wedding, Biddy and Oswald Chambers, Eltham, England, Arthur Chambers, Edwardian wedding, when did Oswald Chambers marry? wedding announcement

RMS Coronia (Wikipedia Commons)


Following an outdoor garden reception at Reverend Arthur Chamber’s parsonage, the couple left for Liverpool. They will set sail next week on the RMS Coronia for New York City.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Chambers plan to spend the summer traveling up and down the American sea board attending camp meetings, where Mr. Chambers will speak.

All their friends wish the newly married couple God’s richest blessings for a happy life.


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