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How to Support a Missionary

Missionary, ways to support a missionary without sending money, Visiting a missionary, physically helping a missionary, prayer support, encouragement

Are there ways to support a missionary beyond sending money? I’ve been reading about missionaries quite a bit the last several years. Certainly, we donate to missionaries. But recently, I realized we can help a missionary without handing out any money at all. Indeed, there are several ways. Prayer When a good friend lived with […]

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What Belongs in a Modern Hope Chest?

hope chest, what skills do kids need to learn, preparing for adulthood, marriage, money management, character development, life skills

The concept of a modern hope chest occurred to us  20 years ago. You know what a hope chest is, don’t you?  Here’s a definition: “A hope chest, also called dowry chest, cedar chest or glory box is a chest used to collect items such as clothing and household linen, by unmarried young women in anticipation […]

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Sunbonnets: Business or Charity?


One of the themes I examined in The Sunbonnet Bride was the difference between running a business or a charity. It’s a concept Sally struggles with when a local calamity runs into her dreams and ambitions. Sally took a job working for a Fairhope seamstress with hopes of opening her own shop one day. Creating clever hats were […]

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Why Go Home for Thanksgiving?


Several weeks before Thanksgiving many years ago, the clouds threatened snow in Connecticut. It was a Saturday and my submariner had been out to sea way too long. He wouldn’t be coming home for awhile. Money was tight, as it so often is when you have small children and are paying a mortgage. My entire family–aunts, uncles, […]

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When a Writer Buys a House

writer buys a house

What happens when a writer buys a house? Is it any different from a “normal” person buying a house? It sort of depends on what you define as normal–and whether or not that writer is married to a normal person. Or an engineer. My husband and I have purchased four homes in our years together. […]

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