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Michelle Ule

A New York Times best selling writer, Michelle  Ule  lives in northern California.

A native of San Pedro, California, she graduated from UCLA where she marched in the clarinet section of the band and wrote for the UCLA Daily Bruin.

As a writer, Michelle’s interested in how people live through difficulties with their spiritual life intact, as well as how to live a hope-full life within the context of a hostile society. She’s curious about the why and how, and likes to add an ironic twist to her stories.

She’s focused the last three years writing and researching World War I and Oswald and Biddy Chambers. Her biography of Mrs. Oswald Chambers will release in October, 2017 from Baker Books.

A retired Navy wife, Michelle has a terrific husband, four brilliant children, two perfect daughter-in-laws and five adorable grandchildren.

Michelle teaches Bible study to a group of precocious women and works at a landmark literary agency. In her free time, she travels, writes and reads.

A noted genealogist in some of the more obscure corners of the Internet, she’s the author of Pioneer Stock and other family biographies and traveler’s tales.

The work closest to Michelle’s heart is her as-yet unpublished spiritual memoir, Loving God Without a Label–the story of how she found God at work through thirteen moves, a variety of denominations and many different church and parachurch settings.


Michelle’s debut novella, The Dogtrot Christmas, was published in Barbour Publishing’s A Log Cabin Christmas Collection, September 2011 and appeared on The New York Times fiction best seller extended list on October 2, 2011.

Her debut novel, Bridging Two Hearts, a Barbour/Harlequin’s Heartsong book, released in February, 2013.

An Inconvenient Gamble, a novella, was part of The Texas Brides Collection, released in May, 2013.

Another best selling collection included her The Gold Rush Christmas, part of Barbour’s A Pioneer Christmas Collection, was published in September, 2013.

Two related stories appeared in the best selling collections: The 12 Brides of Christmas and The 12 Brides of Summer, released in 2014 and 2015.


As well as writing, Michelle also speaks on Oswald Chambers, Biddy Chambers, Prayer, Devotions and Navy life. See her speaker page for further information.

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  1. Becky

     /  December 5, 2010

    How fun! You have a blog! Congrats on the novella. That’s VERY exciting. I look forward to reading here…

  2. Just found your blog and am looking forward to reading more!

  3. Jean

     /  August 20, 2011

    Hello Michelle – I am fellow Gordon Setter owner (we actually have two). I found your blog while searching for Cushing Disease in Gordon Setters. We may be facing that diagnosis with our dear Alyxx. So great to read your blog to see how you and your dog have adjusted to her blindness. Is she receiving treatment for the Cushing Disease?

    Looking forward to reading more –

  4. Todd James

     /  September 11, 2011

    Hi MIchelle,
    Let a post on your John Wooden blog. Am a missionary in Dublin, Ireland, but was a basketball coach in California for 10 years before the Lord called us to Europe. Grew up in Redondo Beach and went to Whittier College before coaching. Have now lived in Ireland and done church planting the past 30 years. Have a small John Wooden connection that I mention on the blog.
    Won by One,
    Todd James
    Dublin, Ireland

  5. Jo Miller

     /  October 30, 2011

    how fun to actually see someone whose comments I have been reading on World mag blog. I have been lurking around there for several years, but mostly only read the rants and raves as our internet here is expensive. I am also from Northern California, Grass Valley. but I currently live in Papua New Guinea where I am a missionary school teacher. Missing the grandkids. Thanks for sharing the link to your blog.

    • Wow, Jo, thanks for stopping by. You’re the second missionary to Papua, NG, I’ve “spoken” to in three days–I sat next to a former one at a concert Thursday night. Small world!

  6. Hi Michelle,

    I found your blog via a google search, and read the February 24th post about souvenirs. My dad is a professional musician, as am I, and he started a tradition of bringing back gifts from the places he visited. I’m still eating the Cadbury’s Flakes he brought back from his last trip to Scotland.

    You said that you thought about buying a set of bagpipes. Would you like to learn to play? I teach professionally, via Skype. All you need to get started is a practice chanter, and I’ll throw in the first lesson for free.



    • How very generous, Sean! Unfortunately, I didn’t buy any and will be sticking with my clarinet playing! Enjoyed hearing them very much, especially at the Tattoo!

  7. Carolyn Simpson

     /  June 8, 2016

    Just found ;your blog by searching for Dodson genealogy who ended up in Tennessee. I’m doing this for a friend but I have Bibbs in my line from Virginia to Tennessee. Thanks for your blog.


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