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The Hunt for Red October and My Family

The Hunt for Red October

We watched my favorite submarine movie last night, The Hunt for Red October, with our daughter who was not born when the book and movie came out. As my husband was serving on a nuclear submarine in the Atlantic Ocean at the time the book first appeared, he told her a story about the verisimilitude […]

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Total Joy! The Rewrite!

Rewrite, joy of rewriting, writing corrections, writing process, novels, authors, writing process, editing, Yuletide Bride

Don’t you love to rewrite? Not just your manuscript, but your whole life? Does an eraser on the end of a pencil give you comfort? Are you thrilled with the cut and paste feature that comes with word processing? Do you feel an enormous sense of relief that there is no sin God will not […]

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Are You a Book Hoarder?

Book Hoarder

Are you a book hoarder? I think I might be a book hoarder. I’ve actually given away 250 books since our moving process began in June, but I’ve still got boxes to go through. My husband won’t let me buy any more bookshelves and, really, I can’t blame him. But is it book hoarding? Here’s a […]

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Culling the Shelves

Old Bibles

We’re looking for a new home and the new residents of our current house have moved in–our grown son and his family. Our college kids are home for the summer, too, which means we have nine people living in the house. We’ve got room, sort of, but it’s still a little full. Fortunately, the three adorable […]

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