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Kathleen Chambers: Little Girl in a WWI Camp

Kathleen children

Kathleen Chambers was the only little girl in a World War I camp in Egypt. Her father, Oswald Chambers served a chaplain at the Zeitoun YMCA camp in Cairo. He brought along with him his wife Biddy and their toddler daughter, Kathleen. As best I can tell, a child in a World War I YMCA camp was an unusual presence. […]

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Killing My Darlings

killing my darlings

I’m in the middle of a mammoth rewrite and I’ve come to the defining moment of killing my darlings. The term, “killing my darlings,” has been attributed to a number of writers from William Faulkner to Allen Ginsburg, but it boils down to writers need to be ruthless in their personal editing. They need to […]

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Oswald Chambers’ Death and Burial

Oswald Chambers death

I’ve spent the last year writing a book that features Oswald Chambers. Last week I wrote about his death. Controversy rages about whether he died foolishly or within God‘s timing. I made my case here. The facts are straight forward. Living in a YMCA camp in Egypt and preparing to join the British troops as […]

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