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The Family’s Slides–and What to Do with Them

Sorting my family’s ancient slides took a few days to accomplish. My brother unearthed them from the attic and we were curious to know what was in them. The other brother bought a single slide viewer–no one had a projector anymore–and I went through the batch. Our slides were kept in a long box (not […]

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Take a Family Tree to Thanksgiving?

Family tree

Rather than a side dish, I’ve taken a family tree to my family’s Thanksgiving celebration–several times. May I suggest you do the same? Even if you are also bringing a pumpkin pie? Thanksgiving and all the holidays traditionally involve bringing family members together. What better time to collect and share data on something we all have […]

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Joyfully Researching History

Civil war reenactors

That scream of glee coming from the San Francisco bay area recently is actually me doing research for an historical novel. I’ve got some confederates in Tennessee who are aiding and abetting me and the cyber connections are hot with our enthusiasm. It’s so much fun to research history this way–with friends–but also when it […]

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