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Grasshoppers and Tornadoes

While writing my recently released novella, The Sunbonnet Bride, I needed a devastating natural event to occur and so I researched grasshopper plagues, tornadoes and other acts of God. The Sunbonnet Bride is a sequel to my The Yuletide Bride, set in southeastern Nebraska in 1874. The following summer was a grasshopper plague summer and […]

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Michelle Ule: Summer Brides

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Michelle Ule’s story, The Sunbonnet Bride, appears in the first 12 Brides of Summer Novella Collection. A sequel to her 12 Brides of Christmas story, The Yuletide Bride, The Sunbonnet Bride revisits the community of Fairhope, Nebraska during the summer of 1875. The players are all the same, except for the new seamstress in town, Sally, […]

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Challenges with Setting: Yuletide Bride


The Yuletide Bride presented me with both challenges and interesting parameters when I went in search of its setting. Since the original title was “Eleven Pipers Piping,” and those pipers played a role in the inspirational romance, I needed to find the right setting where the pipers could get their instruments. As in, a place where the reeds […]

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Thank you, Laura Ingalls Wilder

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I first glimpsed Laura Ingalls Wilder‘s books when I attended second grade at Seventh Street School. Our school was brand new that year and the library was filled with new books, new tables, new chairs and new students. I sat facing the W section of fiction and there at eye level waited a row of books […]

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Weeping over the Sepia


It happened again this week. While researching World War I and the Alaskan Gold Rush, my heart surged and there I was weeping over the sepia photos one more time. I’m about to publish my fourth historical novella and I’ve been writing two other works lately; I’ve spent the last five years in the marvel of […]

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