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How to Choose a Year of Deliberate Grace

deliberate grace, forgiveness, patience, love, joy, gentleness, Fruit of the Spirit, Jesus, God's love, extending grace, overlooking discomfort, sin

I’m going to choose a year of deliberate grace in 2018. My world needs it. I need it. God stresses it. It will make the people I love happier–in part because the peace which passes all understanding should reign. Right? What is deliberate grace? A choice to extend grace to an individual, organization or event […]

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The Blessing Box

blessing box

We put together a blessing box for my niece’s birthday last month. As every blessing box has done in the past, this one moved her deeply. It’s a simple idea that doesn’t cost much (I paid a dollar for the box) in money, but requires a little time, some thought and a willingness to bless […]

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