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The Drama of High-Rez Photos

High-rez photos are “high resolution photos.” High resolution photos are needed for sharpness of image when printing. It’s based on the number of pixels–the higher the number, the more dense the photo, the clearer it will print. While writing Mrs. Oswald Chambers, I discovered how important they are–especially for research. Low resolution While researching Oswald […]

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Writing, Genealogy and Serendipity: Permelia

James Hanks 1855 cabin

“I saw a photo once,” my 91-year-old grandmother said, “of three girls in an oval frame. They had red tinted hair and were very pretty. That’s the only picture of Permelia I ever saw.” My great-grandmother, Permelia Hanks Dunn Duval is a cypher. Born shortly after the Civil War to a 58-year-old CSA colonel and his second, […]

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