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Why Read Historical Fiction?

Why do we like to read historical fiction? Experts say if you want to learn about political history, read history books. If you want to learn about social history and what life was like at a given time and place, read historical fiction. While I happen to like reading history books, I find most of the […]

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What is Bandage Rolling?

bandage rolling, women's wartime work, bandaids, gauze strips, red cross, help, health needs, white tape, Scarlett O'Hara

If you’ve read as many WWI books and war-based fiction as I have, you may be wondering “what IS bandage rolling?” Why were women always rolling bandages and what did it have to do with war? As a child in 20th century America, the only bandages I was familiar with were bandaids. How do your […]

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Putting a Story to a Face

Louezer Dial Bell Hanks Ezell

Let’s put a story to a face. Take a look at the woman to the left. What color is her hair? What type of woman do you think she is? Tall? Agile? Efficient? Industrious? Is she wearing glasses? Is she, perhaps, some sort of ancient librarian? When you write historical fiction, you often choose your […]

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