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Following Biddy’s Steps

Biddy's steps

Following Biddy’s steps took us to several spots in 2013 London. I was hunting details for a novel about Oswald and Biddy Chambers. We began the morning in Clapham Common, looking for the beautiful building where the Chambers couple lived. The Bible Training College I had the address of the Bible Training College Oswald and Biddy ran, so visiting […]

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Oswald Chambers Finds a Wife

Spurgeon Utmost: Oswald Chambers Biddy

He actually wasn’t looking for a wife at the time, but Oswald Chambers met a charming young woman one day and didn’t pay a lot of attention. (The story is best told in detail in David McCasland’s Oswald Chambers: Abandoned to God, but here’s a version based on McCasland’s book). Dedicated to his Lord, Oswald […]

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Oswald and Biddy Chambers’ Solemn Promise

Promise Oswald and Biddy Chambers

While in London recently, we visited St. Paul’s Cathedral to view the site of a solemn promise. It wasn’t a promise we’d made–but one pledged between Oswald Chambers and Gertrude Hobbs on November 13, 1908. Oswald and Biddy–as he nicknamed her (Oswald had a sister named Gertrude so Miss Hobbs became “Beloved Disciple” shortened to […]

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Traveler’s Tales: The London War Zone

My family loved visiting the London war zone. Married to a now-retired naval officer, I’m still often involved in military matters and that holds particularly true while on vacation. We’ve actually dubbed some of our trips by the wars we wound up investigating. There was the infamous French and Indian War trip (Maine, Quebec, Fort […]

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