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World War I

I have recently written a novel set in World War I and thus I have written a number of background posts about the subject. Here they are in no particular order:

World War I

My grandfather, a private during World War I


My favorite World War I Research Books

A Doughboy Earns His Citizenship

Traveler’s Tales: The London War Zone

Eyewitness: No Man’s Land

Mary Rinehart: WWI Female Correspondent

WWI: The National Gallery of Art

London’s Imperial War Museum

Archduke Franz Ferdinand and You

Graves and Memorials along the Western Front

The Trenches

Wandering the Somme

A Trip to the Western Front

World War I and the YMCA  

World War I and the Influenza Horror

Veteran’s Day and Red Poppies

veteran IWM

Tower of London, September 2014, by David Kronberg

Weeping Over the Sepia

WWI Slang and You

WWI in 2015 Salzburg Austria

Edith Clavell and Personal Sacrifice

Bagpipes in the WWI Trenches

WWI: Zeppelins and Terror

Mud and Trenches: WWI


World War I Animals

wwi animals

Most repinned photo on my Pinterest boards!

World War I: Enter the Animals

WWI Animals: Horses

WWI Animals: Elephants on Parade

WWI Animals: Pigeons Save the Day

WWI Animals: Unlikely Heroes

WWI Animals: Down Under Mascots and Helpers

WWI Animals: Horses

WWI Animals: Gone to the Dogs

WWI Animals: Winnie the Pooh

The Imperial Camel Corps

WWI: A YMCA Worker’s Camel Tale


World War I Pinterest Boards

World War I

The mud, but most importantly, the soldiers working together

I maintain a variety of Pinterest boards about World War I:

World War I Shots

WWI France

WWI London

WWI Egypt

WWI Americans


World War I Animals

WWI Fashion

World War I Notables (famous people)

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